Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback for Practical

soundtack extremely effective editing - effective at building suspense especially in coridoor sequence cutting to chains etc. Interesting use of layering images ~(mirror sequence etc.) - would have been effective if you experimented a little more with this technique like you originally intended to do. also very effective framing of shots. Well done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

influences for titles

Our titles have been used the ideas from the opening sequence from seven. The way that it shakes and blurs as it faded from images to black and back to another flash of images.
Also the way that the hand writes it has the same effect that we used on the head testing movement. This inspired us to use this type of effect, because it looked good.
We kept with the fast flashes of random image to make the tension of the view increase on what is going to happen.

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This scene from 'The Shining' i think played a key part in the camera movement for our hallway scene. It shows the camera following the key character to create suspense so we get the feeling things are not normal. This effect gives the idea that the opening sequence is more of a psychological horror. The other effect that we were inspired by in this scene were the flashes to the bloody death images which partly gave us the idea of our flashing scenes. The flashing scenes from this clip are horrific gory shots where as ours are more psychological creating confusion and making the audience uncomfortable.

This and 'A Clockwork Orange' were our main influences.

over and out

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We decided to not use any specific items of clothing. we wanted to use like everyday types of clothing to get a normal feel toward are opening sequence. Are test footage i wore a hat with tassels and we got a good effect with them as they move around the shot. so we decided to keep that shot and the hat. there was no specific items that we wanted to use like a knife or gun because our thriller sequence was all psychological so we didnt need any.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rough Cut

This is our rough cut of our thriller project. We are happy with most of it and will probably keep most of the footage as it is. We need to add text (credits) and make it longer.

Over and out.

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Title ideas

We were discussing what title to give to our thriller. We came up with the following ideas:

Mental Breakdown
When Gingers Snap
The Scorpion

We decided that we should call it Psychotherapy.

Over and out

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Filming and Editing Update

The editing of our rough cut is progressing very nicely. We are in the process of putting pieces of the footage together which we think are good and that will be used in the final rough cut. Filming is coming along nicely as well we are confident we have enough footage but there is always time to add to shots if we don't. The only minor problem we had with filming was the battery life. We won't have any trouble meeting the rough cut deadline.

Over and out

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Friday, December 5, 2008


These are the Thriller Project Deadlines:

1. End of the last lesson of w/c 24th November: ANIMATIC DEADLINE.
2. End of the last lesson of w/c 8th December: ROUGHCUT DEADLINE.
3. End of 1st/ 2nd lesson of w/c 15th December: FINAL CUT DEADLINE.

We will most definitely be able to meet this deadlines.

Over and out.

Thriller Opening Test Footage

This is a bit of test footage we have. We are just testing some of the effects we can get in final cut. I think that the mirror test was good, because we could make one side not move, whilst the person in the mirror was flailing wildly.

I thought the mirror scene was extremely effective and exactly how we planned it. We will definitely be using this effect for the final project. We have to be careful in not using the effect too much because repetition would ruin the feel of the sequence.

Over and out.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Se7en Opening Credits

The opening credits of Se7en are very well done. However we don't want to just make a copy of the title sequence because that is a mistake that other groups have made before. We are only going to be using some of the ideas from the opening sequence. For example I really like the way that the credits appears on the screen, because they don't just sit there on a black background but instead they come in while a frame is starting to fade out and then they move around the page and distort. We want to use this effect in our thriller opening because it will fit well.

The sound in the opening of Se7en is very interesting but I don't think that they are very bold and interesting. One aspect I really like is the industrial feel that it has. I think that an industrial type of soundtrack will sound very good and go well with the feel and the images that we are using in our thriller opening sequence.

I also like the randomness of the images in the opening credits because it makes you think of what the film is going to be about and how they will link to the film. The opening sequence is also very edited and I really like that kind of look, because it makes it look more modern.

The Clockwork Orange opening sequence is also extremely good and this uses old fashioned kinda look but with a sort of modern twist. My opinion is that the Clockworks Orange intro is better because it make the film look more psychotic and that is what I want to achieve from my thriller opening sequence.

As you can see from our animatic we are using the same camera shots as in the Clockwork Orange intro and this is because of the psychotic look that we are trying to achieve. We are also going with the head shacking with makes the view disorientated. We have done some test footage but are currently in the middle of editing at the moment. We will upload this test footage later on.

Over and out.

(Corrected by Jack Warden)


A Clockwork Orange Opening Titles

Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange is one of our main influences. I really wanted to capture a similar mania as Kubrick does in Malcome McDowells portrayal of Alex LaBig.

The music in this clip is not the music from the original intro. I'm not sure the name of it but it is featured below.

The reason I decided to include the Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother version was because I found the music to be not only more suited to the piece but also much more what we want to achieve for our sound track. Although this will probably be un-attainable as it includes lots of brass instruments. In place of these instruments we hope to use electronic feedback and distortion sounds to hopefully achieve the same ambiance.

Over and out.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Epic soundtrack

This is exactly what we don't want, since everyone uses these sounds and it would ruin the whole atmosphere of our thriller.

Also, the last bit sounds like something from pokemon.

Over and out.

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Animatic feedback

Today we got feedback from the class about our animatic. They agreed that ours was the best in the class. They also told us why ours was the best. Reasons listed below:

Good drawings.
Good editing, they liked they was that it showed movement in the shots.
It was more suggestive, it didn't show much.
Very fast paced, lots of fast and flashy shots.
It showed the split personality side of the film very well, mirrors etc.
Very short, some people were slightly confused. This is a good thing. We like confusing people.
Easy to film because of the animatic being amazing.

Over and out.

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Friday, November 28, 2008


Our working title is Psycho-therapy.

Over and out.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The homework

Is now here

The camerawork in the opening sequence to 'The Shining' is all long panning shots of a winding road in the countryside, following a car. The film itself is about isolation, and I think the opening sequence reflects this extremely well. The framing in the shots show the car on the road surrounded by blank countryside, which emphasizes the isolation aspect of the film.

Over and out.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thriller Ideas pt2

On a more positive note, we have come up with some things we would like. These include:

A somewhat psychological thriller
Interesting soundtrack
Stark imagery
Varied use of effects without it becoming tacky and shit

Over and out

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Thriller Ideas

After watching several examples of thriller opening sequences we have come up with a checklist of things we don't want to include.

We dont want:
Tense violin loop from garageband
Chase scene
Tacky gore
Blatant rip offs of other films
A drug as the title name
Filming in the art block

Over and out.

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Good afternoon. We are group P2-37. We consist of Jack Warden, Ryan Goodrum, Chris Readman and Joshua Jones esq. We have been asked to post a blog entry. Over and out.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008